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Engineering Plastics

A Brief Definition of Engineering Plastics

Our society has become heavily dependent on plastic. These synthetic materials can be found seemingly everywhere—they’re used in automobiles, food containers, chairs, pipes, and prosthetics, to name only a bare handful of examples. This tends to come as a surprise to many people who habitually associate plastic with, for example, soda pop bottles or grocery bags. How can such a seemingly flimsy substance have such widespread applications? The answer, of…

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Why Recycling Matters Now

Plastic recycling is poised to play a greater role in the economy in 2015 than ever before. The use of plastics is pervasive throughout every aspect of commerce and society, especially in many large-scale industrial practices. The result is a steady stream of post-industrial plastic waste that poses risks to human health and environmental well-being on a grand scale. A Brief Recycling History In 1973, the first PET (polyethylene terephthalate)…

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