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PPE Weathers Heat and Humidity Better than PA

Sabic has introduced Noryl GTX 9500 resin, an addition to its range of unfilled Noryl GTX resin grades that delivers dimensional stability under hot and humid conditions, addressing the challenge for highly demanding automotive applications. The material is a blend of polyamide (PA) and modified polyphenylene ether polymer (PPE) resins. Sabic’s Noryl GTX 9500 resin reportedly retains a better balance of mechanical properties when exposed to heat and humidity typical…

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Debating Diversity on the Trade Show Floor

I think it’s fair to say, simply as an observation, that women and people of color are underrepresented at plastics industry events. That’s not to say there are systemic reasons or malign intent in this underrepresentation — although some will argue that there are — but it is a fact, and the question we have to wrestle with is this: What should we do about it? The Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE)…

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Injection Moldable PEEK-Based Compound Promotes Osteo-Integration of Implants

German chemicals company Evonik and Swiss plastics processor Samaplast have collaborated in the development of an osteo-conductive PEEK-based material compatible with injection molding. Spinal implant prototypes have been molded to illustrate the processing properties of the new high-performance polymer, VESTAKEEP Fusion.  Until now, it has been virtually impossible to manufacture implants from polymer compounds with bioactive particles by injection molding, because a thin polymer layer usually forms on the surface,…

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Netflix ‘Seaspiracy’ Doc Shifts Debate on Ocean Plastics

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of packaging’s environmental impact, and they are using this knowledge to inform their purchasing decisions. One significant development is an evolving consumer understanding of sustainability, a term that has become too vague and can feed into suspicions of “greenwashing.” The general umbrella of “sustainable” is no longer enough. Terms such as PCR, PET, or HDPE, previously simplified and kept to the packaging’s fine print, are…

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Danimer Gets Grant from United Soybean Board to Expand Research of High-Oleic Soybean Oil in Production of Biodegradable PHA

Following the completion of a one-year collaborative project between PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate) biodegradable bioplastics pioneer Danimer Scientific and the United Soybean Board (USB), Danimer was awarded a $400,000 by USB to expand the company’s evaluation of high-oleic soybean oil (HOSO) as a feedstock in the production of its Nodax PHA. The material is used to create a wide variety of products, including straws, bottles, and flexible film packaging. The second year…

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Evian Debuts PET Bottle Made with 100% Recycled Plastic

French bottled water company Evian appropriately chose Recycle Week, which runs from Sept. 20 to 26 this year, to move farther along in its journey toward achieving circularity by 2025. In partnership with Loop Industries, the French company has developed a prototype bottle that is made entirely of 100% recycled PET. Dubbed evian Loop, the bottles will be rolled out at commercial scale in South Korea in 2022. They will be…

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