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Plastics firms work to eliminate PFAS use as pressure mounts

Wanting to eliminate PFAS, a group of so-called forever chemicals, from plastics and actually eliminating PFAS from plastics are two different things. But Inteplast Engineered Films, the blown film maker, is committing to discontinuing use of the chemicals from production. “We as an organization have made the decision that, in order to simplify things — because we do a mix of industrial and food packaging — the safest thing for…

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Chemically Recycled Plastics Hitch a Ride in Auto Applications

Chemical recycling of end-of-life plastics has its champions and its critics. IDTechEx does not believe advanced recycling solutions are the much-promised silver bullet, nor does it think they have no role to play in a circular economy. As pyrolysis and depolymerization projects ramp up, one question is where the recycled material will be used?  IDTechEx has published a new report — “Chemical Recycling and Dissolution of Plastics 2023–2033” — replete…

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What’s Red, White, and Blue, and Green All Over?

The OG 3×3 Rubik’s Cube, which was invented by a Hungarian architect in 1974 and went on to become a global sensation, has had a makeover. The recently introduced Rubik’s Re-Cube is made with 100% recycled acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). The company that currently markets the toy, Spin Master, is committed to sustainability, as articulated in its “Playsponsible” initiative. The company takes a holistic view, encompassing everything from the toy’s environmental…

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Sustainable Ionomer Copolymers to Play Role in Major Perfume and Cosmetics Packaging Collaboration

Reporting on new ‘sustainable’ plastics, whether it be grades with mechanically or chemically recycled content, or based on biobased feedstock, as well as bioplastics has become increasingly frequent and we expect it only to accelerate. In the packaging arena, in particular, most of the news entails polyolefins, along with PET and PS, and PLA and PHA, while in other market segments, we have reported on recycled and/or biobased engineering resins…

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Performance Digitization Reveals Sustainability of PP Compounds

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division and thermoplastic compounder Sumika Polymer Compounds Europe (SPC Europe) have partnered to digitize the performance of new sustainable automotive-grade polypropylene (PP) compounds, enabling engineers to design components that are more recyclable and offer a lower carbon footprint for future vehicles. “Limited material behavior data is a barrier to sustainable e-mobility innovations because automotive engineering teams have not been able to put new materials through the rigorous…

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3D Printing Materials Market Soars ~26% Yearly

The 3D printing materials market earned $2,578.8 million in revenue in 2022 and is projected to rise by 25.9%, to capture $16,230.8 million by 2030 according to a P&S Intelligence report. The research firm attributes grow to the snowballing use of 3D printing in manufacturing for mass customization and the rising demand for automobiles in developing countries. In 2022, the plastic category dominated the market by volume with a share…

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What 3D Printing Brings to Medical Micro Molding

Even though injection molding and 3D printing are sometimes depicted as rival technologies — us vs. them storylines make for good copy, as they say in the news biz— it’s obvious at this point that they are, in fact, complementary. Isometric Micro Molding recently built a development lab dedicated to 3D printing and quick prototyping. It now has seven 3D-printing machines in house, three of which are dedicated to micro prototypes…

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Plastics and the Joy of Chemistry

“Beyond the Elements,” a series on the PBS series “Nova” program (produced by WGBH Boston), celebrates the wonders of chemistry – including synthetic rubbers and plastics. (Photo credits: Messier Cutting Systems, rtemegorov/Pond5, DimaBalanFilms/Pond5, 2020 WGBH Educational Foundation) It’s not often that we see plastics presented in a positive light in the popular media, and even less often seeing a TV host giddy with pleasure in seeing a chemical reaction producing…

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