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Barrier Solution Solves Challenges of Small-Sized PET Containers

Plastic container manufacturer Ring Container Technologies has developed a customizable PET solution for maintaining carbonation in beverages and energy drinks. 

Bottles with BarrierGuard Enhance technology are customizable into unique shapes, creating on-shelf brand differentiation for smaller size carbonated PET bottles.

“Enhance is breakthrough bottle technology allowing beverage and energy drink manufacturers to re-imagine their carbonated drink space and brands,” says Tim Ferrel, VP of business development at Ring. “After a successful launch of BarrierGuard OxygenSmart and other technology solutions, we look forward to expanding this market and continuing to exceed our clients’ expectations.”

Traditionally, smaller PET packages have been difficult to carbonate and maintain carbonation, due to the volume and surface area. However, Enhance preserves carbonation in a PET bottle for the duration of the product’s shelf life. The bottles are also resealable.

Ring Container/PlasticsTodayRing-Container-Paul-Kelley-PQ.png

“Due to the challenges of volume-to-surface-area ratio, specifically these are bottles of less than 12 ounces,” Paul Kelley, VP of product development at Ring, informs PlasticsToday. “The technology has been commercialized by VPX’s Bang Carbonated Energy Drinks 3-ounce PET bottles. It’s available on US store shelves wherever competitive brands like Five Hour Energy shots are found.”

Enhance can leverage Ring’s APASS guidance to design an optimal ecommerce solution for carbonated beverages and energy drinks to avoid costly Amazon handling fees. Also, Enhance bottles are shatter proof and dent resistant, compared to metal cans that may dent during transportation, causing increased retail rejection and inventory cost.

“Enhance bottle technology can integrate the use of post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials to help meet recycled content goals of new state and federal legislation,” notes Kelley. “Enhance is another great example of how Ring’s technology portfolio continues to grow with an eye on both the environment and consumer packaging advances.”

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