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Bioplastics News Stream

One of the most dynamic categories in plastics is for bioplastics aka biopolymers and related bio-based materials made from renewable sources.

The articles PlasticsToday publishes related to this high-interest, fast-accelerating topic represent only the fraction of what’s happening in this market. That’s the idea behind this new curated stream of Tweets drawn from Twitter dedicated to bioplastic news, research, and innovations that will be updated frequently. To keep the stream fresh, content will be limited to the last four to five weeks.

Dig this: Bioplastics in agriculture.

New spin on biopolymers: world’s first bioplastic vinyl record.

Frito-Lay compostable snacks bags headlining at Coachella.

For the curious: bioplastic implants.

Biodegradable foam from high-content lignin biocomposites.

Podcast with Danimer Scientific (think PHA) CEO Steve Croskey.

3D-printed bioplastic “cribs” help heal sickly coral.

10 examples of biopolymer “foodie” packaging.

An informative blog on the topic.

Biopolymer chair now has a place at the sustainable table.

Research: This engineer designs biopolymers that improve tissue healing and regeneration.

Bavarian consumers like using compostable bags for fruit and vegetables.

ASN Bank provides a loan of 15 million euros to Avantium for factory making FDCA, an ingredient for PEF.

Dell’s Latitude 5000 laptops contain ocean-bound plastics and biobased rubber.

100% compostable packaging uses a film window made from sugar.

Blueview: the world’s first biodegradable shoe.

Research: PLA/bamboo fiber composites.

Research: self-repairing biopolymers from pectin.

Global Sciences to buy Pure BioPlastics from Pure Vision Technology.

Research: Bioplastics from an unusual renewable resource, poop.

Research: Cellugy biodegradable nanocellulose made via the bioconversion of sugar.

CTK Bio Canada develops biodegradable polymers from an agricultural byproduct.

Native Shoes launches line made using Braskem “I’m green” bio-based EVA polymer.

Total Corbion reports that ECO (LCA, Life Cycle Assessment) profile of Luminy brand polylactic acid (PLA) now available.

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