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Carbon Renewal is Focal to Newly Launched nova-Institute Website

We have previously reported on various industry sustainability type projects being undertaken by nova-Institute. The private and independent German institute, which has offered research and consultancy since 1994 with a focus on the transition of the chemical and material industry to renewable carbon: How to substitute fossil carbon with biomass, direct CO2 utilization and recycling, has launched a completely new website.  

In their endeavors to completely replacing the fossil carbon base of the chemical and plastics industry, the nova-Institute’s experts have further expanded their focus. Originally they centered solely on the bioeconomy. About ten years ago, Carbon Capture & Utilization (CCU) was added to their portfolio and two years ago, recycling was added–especially chemical recycling.

nova-Institute's new carbon renewal website

Nova-Institute sources believe that with these three alternative carbon sources, it is now technologically possible to decouple the chemical and plastics industries from their petrochemical base and switch completely to renewable carbon. The totally new website aims to do justice to this strategy. As one nova source put it, “It is as modern and clear as the renewable carbon strategy and at the same time as colorful as renewable carbon is diverse.”

According to nova, its “Renewable Carbon News” is the most visited content page, with about 180,000 visitors per month. It contains a total of 28,000 news items on biobased and CO2- based solutions and recycling – and 13,000 related companies and institutes.

Under “Publications” and “Graphics” one can access nearly 400 studies, reports and graphics, most of which are available free of charge. Filter function and download statistics are said to help visitors quickly zero in on studies with content of most interest to them.

In the “Business Directory”, one can access119 companies with their products and services. Suitable suppliers and partners reportedly can be found in seconds via a detailed index.

Under “Events”, one can see an overview of all current conferences and workshops of the nova-Institute and, under the section “Newsletters”, visitors can register for monthly and daily newsletters as well as for info mailings on specific topics of most interest.

Soon to follow is a community section. All nova will reveal at this point is that the “Renewable Carbon Community” is intended to bring a large number of companies and institutes into conversation and to initiate cooperation and projects to replace fossil carbon. It will be launched at summer’s end.


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