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Family-Style Packaging Design Showdown: Pancake Mixes

Influenced by her packaging editor husband, my wife has grown increasingly packaging savvy over the years.

For example, she buys products with new or interesting packaging just for me. I had the same feeling as a kid when mom would bring home an unexpected treat.

I also regularly solicit her feedback on packaging developments, which I’m expanding on now after purchasing two sharply contrasting packaging designs for pancake mixes.

Birch Benders “fluffy & delicious” keto pancake and waffle mix is packaged in a colorful 10-ounce stand-up pouch. By contrast, Kodiak Cakes “protein-packed” whole grain power cakes flapjack and waffle mix are sold in a subdued, dark-toned box.

The pouch mix was $4.88 for 10 ounces, the Kodiak Cake boxed mixes $5.84 per 18-ounce box.

In addition to my Baby Boomer wife, I decided to make it a family affair and bring in two more demographic groups, my upper 80-year-old parents (Traditionalists) and our Millennial son.

We’ll review the designs from oldest down starting with my parents.

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