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Hot Shots—Recognizing Injection Molding Excellence

The Hot Shots injection molded parts competition is returning to Molding 2022 (Nov. 8-10; Charlotte Convention Center), giving molders and their suppliers a platform to showcase their injection chops to the broader molding community.

Using a People’s Choice model where Molding attendees can choose the winning component, Hot Shots recognizes accomplishments in two categories: Technical Sophistication and Achievement in Molding Efficiency and/or Economics. In the former category, parts will be judged on the basis of use of new technology in molding, molding materials, or tooling and how the part overcame challenges related to the material, complexity of part or tool design, and/or very tight tolerances​.

In the latter category, a range of efficiency gains will be considered, including part consolidation, thin-walling, overall part-weight reduction, reduction/elimination of secondary operations​, savings in machine or tool cost, improved quality/reduced rejects, increased productivity/reduced cycle time and use of recycled materials​.

Held for the first time in 2021, Hot Shot’s 10 finalists came from three countries (U.S., UK and Dominican Republic) and seven states, with components hailing from markets as diverse as industrial, consumer goods, automotive, medical, aerospace and electronics. They were molded in TPU, nylon, LSR, PEI, PP, PC/ABS and PC, among other resins.

Matrix Tool, which utilized Sodick Plustech injection molding technology to mold its entry, was the big winner for the inaugural competition, taking home both prizes. Could your shop take home one (or both) of the awards in 2022? Enter a part today and find out.

Hot Shots injection molded part competition

Who will take home the 2022 Hot Shots awards?


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