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For more than three decades, the Molding Conference has been about thought leaders in injection molding sharing their knowledge and experience of both cutting-edge technologies and best practices for longstanding processes and equipment. At this year’s Molding (Nov. 8-10; Charlotte Convention Center), attendees can still count on in-depth talks on the hottest topics of the day, but they can also experience new opportunities to network, learn and maybe even win some recognition from peers.

First off, Molding 2022 will be collocating with the inaugural MoldMaking Conference, organized by Plastics Technology’s sister publication MoldMaking Technology. All registrants for Molding will also have access to MoldMaking’s concurrent slate of presentations (check out the agenda today). Between the two events there will be more than 50 expert speakers covering in depth the technologies and best practices to ensure top tier molding and moldmaking. In addition to access to even more topics, both conferences will share networking opportunities for molders and moldmakers to connect and collaborate, whether it’s the breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks, which are included in registration, or the opening reception to be held at the end of Day 1 in Charlotte’s NASCAR Hall of Fame, which is also covered by your conference registration.

Next up, Molding 2022 will also be home to Plastics Technology’s Hot Shots Injection Molded Part Competition. Launched last year at Molding 2021, Hot Shots gives molders the chance to recognize the accomplishments of other molders—or put forward their own parts—with a people’s choice voting model naming winners in Technical Sophistication and Achievement in Molding Efficiency or Economics (both honors last year went to Matrix Tool for its collaboration with Sodick Plustech on a tiny part showcasing big technical advances). Finalists will be covered by Plastics Technology prior to Molding, and after the winner(s) is(are) revealed at Molding, they will highlighted in a magazine article.

Finally, a limited number of attendees will be able to opt into a unique hands-on learning experience. Industry leading consultant, trainer and Plastics Technology columnist, Suhas Kulkarni will lead a half-day workshop on Nov. 10 to be held at the Polymers Center in Charlotte. Using the Polymers Center state-of-the-art training and material characterization facilities, Kulkarni will lead attendees in Melt Preparation Techniques—Settings and Techniques to Optimize the Melt in Your Process. A limited number of attendees who sign up for the workshop will be split into groups, participating in Kulkarni’s training as well as getting a hands-on tour of the Polymers Center, which includes the latest material characterization technologies.

So, as always, come to Molding 2022 to learn the insights of industry-leading experts, but experience even more in networking, education and community.

Hot Shots

The Hot Shots injection molded parts competition is back at Molding 2022.


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