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Past Is Prologue

Last week, Plastics Technology opened up submissions for its free, anonymous benchmarking survey for injection molders. Now in its sixth year and coming off its most robust response rate ever, the Top Shops Survey not only gives its respondents an opportunity to audit their operations, but it also takes those results and shows how the respective molder compares to its peers.

To properly plan for the coming year, a vital first step is fully understanding what actually transpired over the last 12 months. A gut feeling that on-time delivery rate improved or mold-change time worsened cannot replace concrete knowledge of what the numbers actually say. As noted engineer, educator and management consultant W. Edwards Deming reportedly said: “Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.”

Take a moment to gather and capture operational data from 2021—an important after-action activity at the close of any year—and then submit that data in the form of the Top Shops survey so that it can be analyzed and given context by the Gardner Intelligence team of Plastics Technology publisher Gardner Business Media. Every completed Top Shops survey will receive just a detailed analysis, revealing not only what made for a Top Shop in 2021, but specifically customized to show respondents how their facility ranked against the best and all the rest.

Plastics Technology will be accepting submissions until March 31. Take a few minutes to complete your submission, or just get it started—participants can close and return to the questionnaire using the same device as often as needed until “Submit Responses” is clicked.

For those Top Shops that agree, there will also be coverage online and in print this coming October, as Plastics Technology shares with its readership who were the top injection molders for 2021. Take (or start) the survey today!

Plastics Technology Top Shops 2022

Plastics Technology Top Shops 2022 injection molding benchmarking survey is now open—sharpen that pencil, ready your calculator and complete the free, anonymous, online survey today. 


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