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Plastics Technology’s Most Viewed Content in July 2022

Tips on getting rid of bubbles, machine-only settings, ultrasonic welding, calculating shot size vs. barrel capacity, and tunnel gates drew reader interest in July along with articles on resin pricing, a recycler tour, graphene masterbatches and reshoring’s surge.

  1. How to Get Rid of Bubbles in Injection Molding
  2. Stop Controlling Your Injection Molding Process with Machine-Only Settings
  3. SD Polymers: ‘One-Stop Solution for Mechanical Recycling’
  4. Prices Rising for Most Volume Resins
  5. Graphene Masterbatches for Flexible and Rigid Polyolefin Packaging and Beyond
  6. How to Solve Common Ultrasonic Welding Problems
  7. A Simpler Way to Calculate Shot Size vs. Barrel Capacity
  8. Volume Resin Prices Move in Different Directions
  9. Reshoring: Is the Surge Sustainable?
  10. Tunnel Gates for Mold Designers, Part 1
Plastics Technology most popular articles July 2022

Plastics Technology’s most popular articles for July 2022 covered an array of topics.


  • Why (and What) You Need to Dry

    Other than polyolefins, almost every other polymer exhibits some level of polarity and therefore can absorb a certain amount of moisture from the atmosphere. Here’s a look at some of these materials, and what needs to be done to dry them.

  • Formulating LLDPE/LDPE Blends For Abuse–Resistant Blown Film

    A new study shows how the type and amount of LDPE in blends with LLDPE affect the processing and strength/toughness properties of blown film. Data are shown for both LDPE-rich and LLDPE-rich blends.

  • Understanding Strain-Rate Sensitivity In Polymers

    Material behavior is fundamentally determined by the equivalence of time and temperature. But that principle tends to be lost on processors and designers. Here’s some guidance.

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