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Polycarbin Launches New Recycled Laboratory Plastic Line

The pandemic disrupted and impacted every aspect of life—including adding more to the waste issue. According to Polycarbin, a company focused on a closed-loop solution for single-use scientific plastics, about 8 million tons of plastic waste was generated during the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, the life science industry has been forced to confront the consequences of a ‘single-use’ economy.

The company says that unsustainable lab product supply chains have been paralyzed amidst the pandemic leading to historic lead times, which in turn have interrupted innovation. Polycarbin, with the help of partners like Thomas Scientific, has created a more sustainable and efficient life science supply chain to meet the needs of scientists and the low-carbon economy of the future.

Polycarbin recently announced the launch of its closed-loop collection on Thomas Scientific’s platform. Polycarbin’s product line is remanufactured using a circular economy model with recycled laboratory plastic. 

“Thomas Scientific is extremely proud and excited to partner with Polycarbin in bringing a more sustainable and efficient supply chain solution to our customers in the scientific community,” said John Cincotta, Thomas Scientific, vice-president of category management & strategic sourcing. “Polycarbin supports Thomas Scientific’s initiatives in helping to provide our customers with more eco-friendly product options today and in the future.”

As a recycler and lab product re-manufacturer, Polycarbin equips biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic laboratories with a closed-loop platform for managing plastic disposal and green procurement, while quantifying their impact using Polycarbin’s proprietary chain of custody software. 

Earlier this year, Polycarbin announced the closing of a $2 million seed round with funding from Ringbolt Capital, VoLo Earth Ventures, along with several angel investors to scale their technology. Having developed this circular economy lab products, Polycarbin is setting its sights on scaling production and plans to use its capital to meet the growing demand for single-use scientific plastics with a sustainable and affordable solution.

polycarbin products

Polycarbin’s closed-loop collection is now available on Thomas Scientific’s platform.
Photo Credit: Polycarbin


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