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Procrastinate at Your Pocketbook’s Peril

Have you ever kept tabs on the price of something you know you’re going to buy, but you’re just waiting for it to go on sale? Have you then, once its price is lowered, procrastinated to make the purchase, only to have the price go up? Believe me reader when I tell you I make an unfortunate habit of this particular purchasing pattern, and know that I’m writing today to save you that fate when it comes to Molding 2022.

Oct. 7 is the last day registrants to Molding 2022 will be able to secure the early bird discount, which knocks nearly 20% off the price of admission. And what does admission get you? In addition to two full days of knowledge sharing from industry leaders hailing from all points along the injection molding supply chain, attendees can also check out the presentations at the innaugural Moldmaking Technology Conference, which is collocating with Molding 2022. A true two-for-one, the combination of events is a must-attend for molders and moldmakers trying to stay on top of the latest trends and network with their peers.

Networking opportunities abound for attendees, and are not limited to the included breakfasts and lunches at the event, but also extend to the coffee breaks and the combined opening reception taking place at the NASCAR Hall of Fame. 

For a small additional fee, a limited number of attendees (again, don’t procrastinate), can also register for the a special learning opportunity at and tour of the Polymers Center. Industry consultant Suhas Kulkarni will lead a workshop focused on melt preparation—the subject of his latest Plastics Technology column.

So, if that registration to Molding 2022 is just sitting in your cart, do yourself, and your checking account, a favor and head to “checkout”.  After you read about the agenda, consider all the event has to offer, and weigh the challenges that face molders today, you’ll know you’re making a good—and discounted—investment.

Molding 2022

Oct. 7 is the last day to secure your early-bird discount to Molding 2022—register today.

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