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PureCycle Unveils First Product Made from its Recycling Technology

PureCycle announced the first product made from its recycled polypropylene technology has launched. The plastic shower dispenser was brought to market and sold by EC30 and made from PureCycle’s ultra-pure recycled PP transformed from trash found in the bins of U.S. stadiums. PureCycle uses proprietary technology licensed from Procter & Gamble (P&G) to recycle waste PP into ultra-pure recycled-PP for applications spanning consumer goods, automotive, building and construction, and industrial uses. 

“There is no doubt that consumers expect companies to deliver products that are sustainable, but more importantly, eco-driven customers want true sustainability – not corporate greenwashing,” said Mike Otworth, CEO of PureCycle. “What we are creating at PureCycle is more than a plastic that can be infinitely sustainable, we are giving brands an opportunity to be deliberate and genuine when it comes to creating sustainable products that put our environment at the forefront. We want every eco-driven consumer to join PureCycle in our sustainable plastic revolution so we can take on the plastic waste crisis at its core: the materials used to make plastic products. Plastic products can and should be made with material that is infinitely sustainable.”

Recycled plastic shower dispenser

This recycled plastic shower dispenser was brought to market and sold by EC30.

The company also announced it is now the official plastic recycling partner of the Cleveland Browns. The Cleveland Browns are the first sports team to partner with PureCycle and its PureZero  waste program as they continue to identify ways to improve plastic recycling efforts on gamedays and throughout the year. 

Through its technology, PureCycle will recycle souvenir stadium cups –removing virtually all contaminants, colors and odors – to create what the company calls an ultra-pure recycled (UPR) plastic.

PureCycle will collect polypropylene plastic waste from Cleveland Browns’ home games to be recycled and transformed into UPR plastic at PureCycle’s Ohio flagship facility in Ironton with the goal of significantly increasing recyclable materials and further advancing sustainability efforts for the stadium and team. 


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