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The Clock is Ticking … But You Can Still Participate in ‘Top Shops’ Survey

The Plastics Technology Top Shops Benchmarking survey of injection molders is still open. You now have until April 30, 2022 to participate by filling out a series of questions queries on demographic data, performance indicators, and business and process strategies related to your business. Results from the free, anonymous survey will be reported in the October 2022 issue of Plastics Technology, and molders who complete the questionnaire will receive a customized report compiled by Gardner Business Media’s Gardner Intelligence unit. These reports will show the participants how their facility ranked against the collective survey results.

A select few of those who complete the questionnaire will be dubbed Top Shops based on a set of preselected performance metrics. Those Top Shops—if they are willing—will then be included in the October 2022 Plastics Technology article, written by Executive Editor Tony Deligio, highlighting their performance and detailing the survey’s findings. The survey can be completed online and, if interrupted, participants can close and return to the questionnaire as often as needed until “Submit Responses” is clicked. You can also scan the QR code on this page and start the process from your smart device.

The more molders that participate, the more valuable the results. I’d venture that most molders have metrics to measure their operation’s efficiency. But these metrics are held within the four walls of their company. You may think you have a best-in-class operation, but do you really know unless you have some data on what “the other guys” are doing? You may have a “best practices” standard against which you measure yourself, but what if it falls short of your competition?

Over the years, several of our Top Shops have been highlighted further in the pages of Plastics Technology as the focus of our monthly On-Site plant tour features, including the likes of  Plastikos, Medical Components of America and Shape Corp.

Over my 34-year career as a plastics journalist, I have visited more processing companies than I can count. Even though I’m usually the one asking the questions, more often than not I’m confronted with one before I leave the plant. It goes something like this: “So, you’ve been around awhile; how would you say my operation here compares with others you come across?” It’s a hard one to answer, as every operation is unique in some manner, but I always try to answer it as constructively as possible.

Maybe you’re a molder that for whatever reason cannot penetrate that one big account. You submit your RFQ, but year after year, no soap. You’re frustrated. Because you know that if you land that one project, it could lead to lots of others. Why aren’t you getting it? Is it price? Delivery? Is it because you don’t bring enough value-add to the project? Maybe you call this account to find out. Maybe they tell you the truth; maybe not. You can open your eyes to how your business compares with other injection molders by participating in this survey.

Please take the time to do so.


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