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Time to Show Off

Plastics Technology is still accepting submissions for its second annual Top Shops injection molded part competition. Two awards—Technical Sophistication and Molding Economics/Efficiency—will be presented at this November’s Molding Conference (Nov. 8-10; Charlotte, N.C.) based on people’s choice voting.

Is there a part that your company took on after others said it couldn’t be molded? Which component gets pride of place at your facility’s showcase display in your lobby or conference room? If you exhibit at a trade show, what part features prominently in your booth, with potential customers turning it over in their hands and wondering out loud, “How’d you mold this?”

If that kind of part rings a bell, you should throw your proverbial hat in the Hot Shots ring and enter the competition today. In last year’s inaugural competition, 10 finalists duked it out for the two prizes before Matrix Tool swept the field.

In addition to the chance to win recognition from your peers at the molding industry’s preeminent technical conference, all the finalists will be publicized at and across our social media platforms, with the eventual winner(s) highlighted in a magazine article.

Enter the competition today and show your peers and potential customers that you’re a true injection molding maven.

Enter Hot Shots Today!

Are you a Hot Shot molder? Enter a part in the competition today and find out. 

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