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VIDEO: Using Data to Simplify Your Moldmaking Process



What is the secret to an efficient molding process? According to John Bozzelli, Owner of Injection Molding Solutions, “Keep it simple!” John and President/CEO of ALBA Enterprises Rich Oles sat with me to discuss the exciting and strenuous task of analyzing data in order to simplify molding processes. We also discuss John’s six key variables, the importance of training, and why manufacturing is so important. 




0:00 Introduction

0:18 How to use data to maintain a process

0:34 Basics of molding and developing a process

2:03 Pressure

2:24 Velocity

4:20 Pressure drops

4:53 Critical jobs

5:40 Process changes vs. root causes

6:52 The issue with increasing pressure 

8:12 The importance of process training

9:00 How John and Rich began their partnership

11:15 The importance of manufacturing

12:49 Training courses


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