70 Years Of Service To The Plastics Industry

In the Beginning

Polychem USA is a family enterprise with roots in the plastics industry dating back to the 1940s. After returning home safely from the European battlefields of World War II, company founder Joseph Neipris saw the future of plastics and knew the industry was here to stay.

Beginning with the recycling of surplus materials, his fledgling company grew right alongside the new plastics manufacturing industry. Neipris built a plastic recycling company with a solid reputation—one that stands today. Over time, Polychem evolved into the manufacturing of raw materials for the manufacturing pioneers of the day.

Over the years, Polychem USA has kept pace with the technological changes that have transformed plastics manufacturing, successfully emerging today as one of the top post-industrial thermoplastic recycling companies in the industry.

In the Present

The plastics industry has grown and changed dramatically, especially in the recycling arena. New materials, global markets, political uncertainty with harsher economies, and increasing environmental standards have all influenced the plastics world.

Under the leadership of president Steven Neipris, a new generation of expert plastic recyclers and sales representatives carry on the tradition of excellent service, diligence, and hard work that have made Polychem USA a success. With a commitment to providing exceptional service and creating innovative products, we strive to keep pace while looking forward to a very bright future.

For more information about all of Polychem USA’s products and services, please call us toll free at 800-832-2727 or send us an email. Let us share our future with you.

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