Multi-purge Cleaner

Multi-Purge Universal Purging Compound

Polychem’s state-of-the-art Multi-Purge universal purging compound will dramatically reduce cleaning times during all of your color and resin changeovers.

Scientifically created for cleaning of all industry standard extrusion and injection molding equipment, this product makes nightmare changeovers a thing of the past.

What is it?

The Multi-Purge compound consists of thousands of powerful pellets. When combined with virgin processing materials, the purging compound gets right to work. It removes resins, color crust build-up, and other residuals from industrial hoses, nozzles, runners, barrels, and other such equipment.

How does it work?

Multi-Purge’s unique mechanical scouring action is the key.
This powerful mechanical scouring takes place between your processing material and the screw and the barrel. As this rapid purging continues, a loosening and removing of all degraded material and color specks occurs.
Barrel walls, screw flights and even pitted and cracked areas of your equipment will be efficiently cleaned.
Changeover times are significantly altered for the better. Multi-Purge puts your equipment back to work quickly and efficiently while production time is restored with a minimum of downtime.

With just one purge compound, you get so many benefits:

  • Suitable for use with all polymers, it’s odorless, nontoxic, nonabrasive, eco-friendly, and contains no solvents.
  • Because you mix the purging compound with virgin thermoplastics, there’s no need to change your original temperature settings.
  • Multi-Purge has been proven to be a cost-effective alternative to other chemical and mechanical cleaning methods and Multi-Purge is even stabilized for reuse if necessary.
  • Old-school cleaning methods were time-consuming and slowed down productivity to a trickle. Now there’s a faster, more effective solution.

How can you get Multi-Purge?

To place a trial order, or for more information about this unique product, call us toll free at 800-832-2727 or email us now.

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