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Recycling Plastic Shopping Bags

Recycling Plastic Shopping Bags Is A Growing Trend

Despite concerns about plastic pollution, particularly when it comes to recycling plastic shopping bags, there is a flourishing industry that is providing solutions to many environmental concerns. Plastic bags, much like the paper ones, are flimsy and can be blown about by the wind, littering the landscape. Additionally, even when they are tossed randomly into local recycling bins, there can be a problem when combined with other plastic materials because…

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Hard Plastic Flooring

Hard Plastic Flooring Benefits

Hard plastic flooring has many benefits for the discerning home improvement enthusiast and, in many instances, the product can be environmentally friendly, as it is often made in part from recycled materials. While it is commonly installed in heavily trafficked venues like stores, schools and hospitals, many homeowners appreciate its clean and resilient qualities. Plastic tiles and planking have a variety of styles to choose from, with tile, ceramic, stone,…

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