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Borealis Furthers Circularity Commitment with Rialti Buy

Borealis announced today the signing of an agreement to acquire Rialti, one of Europe’s leading producers of mechanically recycled polypropylene (PP) compounds for injection molding and extrusion. The investment will add 50,000 tonnes of recycled compounding capacity, strengthening Borealis’ circular portfolio and furthering its commitment to the EverMinds platform, a corporate initiative to bring together stakeholders and influencers to unlock progress and accelerate change.  Based near Varese in northern Italy,…

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Not All Countries Are Equal at Global Plastics Treaty Talks

The recent UN conference on ocean plastics (formally known as the Second Session of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee on Plastic Pollution, or INC-2 for short) in Paris last month generated a lot of headlines in early June. Depending on who you listened to, the conference was: wonderful and showed tremendous action; awful and nothing got done; somewhere in between — something more than nothing got done, but without any commitment. The…

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Resin Price Report: Processors Push, in Vain, for More Spot Discounts

Following what was perhaps the busiest week of the year at the PlasticsExchange, resin trading slowed as processors pushed for another round of spot discounts. Producers, however, were less flexible on pricing, reports the PlasticsExchange in its Market Update, stopping dealmaking in its tracks. Some good groups of polypropylene (PP) railcars were available, including copolymer PP high-flow, which had been scarce in the spot market. Though several producers said they…

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Tipa Gives Compostable Packaging a Boost in the US

Tipa, an Israel-based supplier of compostable plastic flexible materials, has partnered with US packaging manufacturers PPC Flexible Packaging and Clearview Packaging to expand production of compostable packaging in the US. The two packaging producers are using Tipa’s compostable films and laminates, which are circular packaging materials that incorporate biomass and leave no waste after composting. PPC Flexible Packaging, headquartered in Buffalo Grove, IL, uses Tipa’s compostable laminates to manufacture pouches…

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3D Printing Still Ascendant, According to Hubs Report

Additive manufacturing is growing fast, and it’s likely to continue in an upward trajectory. That’s a key takeaway from the latest “3D Printing Trend Report” from online manufacturing platform Hubs. The company has been publishing these reports for several years, with this year’s edition based on a survey of 1,035 participants as well as media and market analyst firms. The manufacturing sector is increasing its use of additive manufacturing, with…

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