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Glass vs. Plastic: BBC Article Makes Surprising Call

Not to disdain the BBC — a venerable news organization that has my respect — but it’s not typically my source for balanced reporting on the plastics industry. So, when I saw the headline, “Glass or plastic: Which is better for the environment?,” I figured I knew where the writer would land. Well, knock me over with a polyester feather: I was wrong. Readers of PlasticsToday are well aware that, when…

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Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council Names Members of Newly Formed Executive Committee

The Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council (HPRC) has announced the eight members of its newly formed executive committee. A governing body was needed, according to Peylina Chu, Executive Director of HPRC, because of rapid growth in membership — 19 new members have joined since 2020 — and the dynamic nature of the plastics recycling industry. The HPRC is an industry-led technical coalition that advocates for viable, safe, and cost-effective recycling solutions for…

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New Resin for Industrial 3D Printing Suited for Mold Tooling

A new high-strength industrial resin developed by Henkel reportedly is especially well suited for 3D printing mold tooling and manufacturing aids. Loctite 3D IND249 is a high-temperature, high-strength material that can print challenging geometries with fine feature resolution, said Henkel in today’s announcement. Additionally, the resin offers low viscosity while still displaying high “green” strength, enabling high-accuracy printing and maintaining ease of processing. Validated workflows are already available for processing…

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Why Are They Blending Biopolymers?

Danimer Scientific CEO and board chairman Stephen Croskrey in front of the New York Stock Exchange, where he rang the closing bell on April 17. He’s doubling Danimer’s capacity for Nodax PHA biopolymer. (Photo: Danimer Scientific) When I want to learn more about the future of biopolymers, the first place I’d go is not normally the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange (known affectionately to its denizens as…

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Proposal to Ban Fluoropolymers Has European Industry on Edge

PFAS is a well-known chemical that is primarily used to increase resistance to water, stains, and temperature. It also has the lowest coefficient of friction, which means that it has self-lubricating features. Despite its numerous advantages, it does not appear to be environmentally friendly and has been linked to health problems in humans. There are more than 12,000 PFAS compounds, and a few of them are already banned in some…

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Natural-Fiber Super Formula Bodywork Makes European Debut

Swiss sustainable lightweighting company Bcomp is unveiling the flax fiber–based bodywork for Japan’s Super Formula race series at JEC World 2023. The sidepod and engine cover from one of the world’s fastest racing series — made from hybrid construction with 70% ampliTex flax-based reinforcements — will be among the highlights at the show. Other components made from the company’s proprietary sustainable composite technologies, from sports equipment to sailing boats, also will be…

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