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How Recycling Works

How Recycling Works (From Bin To Processing Facility)

How recycling works is a good question. The process is something that many of us take for granted. You toss something into the appropriate bin, dust off your hands and go happily on your way with the comforting thought that you’ve done your bit to help save the planet. Even so, the knowledge of how recycling works is not a process that most people are familiar with. The basic understanding…

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Polypropylene Plastic Is Ubiquitous

Polypropylene Plastic: Piping To Thermal Underwear

Polypropylene plastic is a recyclable ingredient found in many useful products. It is often marked with the number 5 by the traditional plastic coding system. It is considered a safe packaging solution as it does not drain any harmful chemicals into foods or liquids. Polypropylene (also referred to as PP or polypro) has the highest hot melt point of any of the plastics used to manufacture packaging. Hot fill is…

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