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PepsiCo Invests $35 Million in Local Recycling

New York-based investment firm Closed Loop Partners has launched the Closed Loop Local Recycling Fund, a circular economy program to develop recycling systems in underserved US communities. Funding the project’s launch on January 20, 2022, is a $35 million investment from PepsiCo Beverages North America. Closed Loop Partners will use the capital to deploy small-scale, modular recycling systems in rural areas and small cities lacking recycling access because of geographic…

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Plastic Bank Stops 2 Billion Plastic Bottles from Entering the Ocean

Plastic Bank, a social enterprise focused on the global supply chain for recycled ocean-bound plastic, announced it has stopped 2 billion plastic bottles from entering the ocean. The group has partnered with more than 200 global companies on this initiative.  This huge milestone was achieved through Plastic Bank’s recycling ecosystems in eight months, and is 12 times faster than the first billion stopped. In reaching this milestone, the social enterprise worked with more than…

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New Plasticizer Combines Low-Temperature Flexibility and UV Resistance

A new plasticizer developed by Evonik is characterized by low-temperature flexibility and UV resistance, imparting weather resistance and durability to end-use products. ELATUR DINCD is easy to process because of its low viscosity and is suited for demanding exterior and interior applications, such as textile fabrics, roofing membranes, floor coverings, adhesives and sealants, as well as paints and coatings. “In developing the new isononanol-based plasticizer, we were able to draw…

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No One-Size-Fits-All Solution for Plastics Industry to Meet Sustainability Goals, Says Delterra CEO

With the word sustainability on everyone’s lips these days, the international environmental nonprofit Delterra has come onto the scene with a burst of energy, a strong pedigree, and a big mission. Delterra CEO Shannon Bouton. Delterra’s founding partner is consulting giant McKinsey & Co., and its flagship initiative, Rethinking Recycling, “works with communities in emerging economies to build rapidly scalable, self-sustaining waste management and recycling ecosystems that redirect waste into…

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