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Mercedes Immendingen Proving Grounds: Where the Technological Magic Happens

“It really is a perfect place for engineers,” obverved Mercedes-Benz electric drive special projects engineer Julien Pillas as we toured the Immendingen Testing and Technology Center. It lies in the foothills of the Swiss Alps, about 80 miles south of the company’s Stuttgart headquarters, almost at the Swiss border. The 1,300-acre plot of land was the home of the German Army’s 292nd Panzer Grenadier Battalion during the Cold War. But…

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Is There Another Factory Hiding Within Your Factory?

The supply chain crisis has reinforced the importance of onshoring. Yet it takes years for new factories in North America to become fully operational. “Shadow factories” can contribute to the onshoring solution by increasing production output without the lengthy process of breaking ground on a new plant. The shadow factory is unused capacity within an existing factory. It might be the third shift in a plant that is only running two shifts. Or it may…

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Plastics Technology’s Most Viewed Content in July 2022

Tips on getting rid of bubbles, machine-only settings, ultrasonic welding, calculating shot size vs. barrel capacity, and tunnel gates drew reader interest in July along with articles on resin pricing, a recycler tour, graphene masterbatches and reshoring’s surge. How to Get Rid of Bubbles in Injection Molding Stop Controlling Your Injection Molding Process with Machine-Only Settings SD Polymers: ‘One-Stop Solution for Mechanical Recycling’ Prices Rising for Most Volume Resins Graphene…

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New Rapid-Cure, Self-Adhesive LSR Forms Firm Bond with Polycarbonate

A newly developed rapid-cure, self-adhesive liquid silicone rubber (LSR) designed for two-component injection molding forms a firm bond with polycarbonate without pretreatment of the surface. The LSR enables cost-effective large-scale production of multi-component parts used in the medical device, automotive, and other sectors. Wacker will introduce the Elastosil LR 3078 series at K 2022 in October. The grades in the Elastosil LR 3078 series are formulated such that chemical adhesion…

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Hanwha Delivers Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Hydrogen Tanks to Shell

Hanwha Solutions has joined Shell’s efforts to build extensive hydrogen refueling infrastructure in California. The Korean company will help accelerate California’s energy transition and decarbonization initiatives by supplying the oil major with high-pressure hydrogen tanks for transport within its network of stations. Hanwha Solutions’ hydrogen tank manufacturing subsidiary, Hanwha Cimarron, said it finalized a purchase order with Shell to provide its Neptune tanks, which are Type IV high-pressure hydrogen tanks.…

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Molding 2022 Agenda Now Live

The steps and players involved in taking a molded part from concept to finished component are as important as they are numerous. Attendees of the annual all-things-injection Molding Conference (Nov. 8-10; Charlotte Convention Center, Charlotte, N.C.) will see authoritative presentations from the entire molded part supply chain. From manufacturers of injection molding machines, automation, auxiliaries and hot runners, to suppliers of resin and simulation software, to industry consultants and molding…

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