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Straight Talk on Circularity for Flexible Packaging

Despite all the attention on creating a circular economy, the reality is that recycling rates for plastics average less than 10% in the US and roughly 15% in Europe. Regional legislation, possible fees and fines and negative public sentiment are driving action in the packaging industry, among other sectors, to address a more circular approach to plastic use. Sealed Air presented on the topic “Design for Circularity” and what that…

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Sponsored: Portugal's Engineering and Tooling Cluster on Global Stage

Rui Tocha Portugal is home to more than 500 injection mold tooling companies that export more than 90% of their production to over 80 countries. It is the third largest mold exporter in Europe and the eighth largest worldwide. In this podcast, we speak with Rui Tocha, General Manager of Engineering and Tooling from Portugal, who talks about the cluster’s ability to provide turnkey solutions across the value chain and support global…

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Nova, GreenMantra Technologies Collaborate on Plastic Bag Recycling Initiative

Nova Chemicals and GreenMantra Technologies completed a second asphalt paving project in Ontario, Canada, incorporating the equivalent of 700,000 plastic bags in post-consumer recycled plastic materials into two pathways and a parking lot. The asphalt paving project was completed at the construction site of Nova Chemicals’ newest polyethylene manufacturing facility near Sarnia.  “We are excited to collaborate with Nova Chemicals as they utilize GreenMantra’s waxes, derived from 100% recycled plastics, to enhance…

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Zoltek Expands Carbon-Fiber Production in Mexico

Zoltek Companies Inc., a global leader in industrial-grade carbon fiber, is expanding its carbon-fiber production capacity at its facility located in Guadalajara, Mexico. Production at the new 6,000-tonnes/year expansion will start up in early 2023 and will add to another 6,000-tonnes/year expansion recently completed in 2021. Through its Mexican expansion, Zoltek will increase its North American carbon-fiber capacity to 20,000 tonnes/year. Zoltek’s global carbon-fiber production capacity will thereby increase to…

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Simulation Shows Recycled Polyamides Can Sustain Future Mobility

Domo Chemicals has introduced new material cards to fast-track the adoption of its line of eco-friendly polyamides (PAs), Techyl 4Earth. This new feature in Domo’s advanced predictive simulation platform, MMI Techyl Design will help manufacturers to develop lighter, more cost-effective parts using peak-performing recycled polyamides. With many industries eager to reduce their environmental footprint, demand for recycled plastics is growing exponentially. Until recently, however, the often-inconsistent performance of recycled plastics hindered…

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November’s Most-Viewed Stories

Here are the most-read articles at Plastics Technology in November 2021. Always an eclectic mix, it was a variety of challenges and interests that drew reader interest. Ranging across technologies and article types, PT’s readers sought answers and knowledge touching on various aspects of plastics in the run up to Thanksgiving. MATERIALS: Understanding Strain-Rate Sensitivity In Polymers Density & Molecular Weight in Polyethylene Formulating LLDPE/LDPE Blends For Abuse–Resistant Blown Film…

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