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Avient Launches Sustainable Grades for Auto, Consumer Applications

Avient Corp., has debuted two engineered polymer solutions that can improve the sustainability of automotive applications. First, two additional grades have been added to the reSound REC thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) portfolio. Both grades are formulated with polyvinyl butyral (PVB) recycled from automotive glass by Shark Solutions. Also announced are two new Edgetek PKE polyketone (PK) grades with non-halogen flame retardants (NHFRs). Applications for reSound REC TPEs include automotive exterior and…

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Borealis and Partners Move Forward with Crosslinked PE and PP Pipes Based on Renewable Feedstock

Photo Credit: Borealis Group The sustainability ‘movement’ in the plastics industry continues to advance and materials and additives suppliers are among the leaders, largely through innovative industry partnerships, in this overall endeavor—ranging from mechanical and chemical recycling advancements to biobased feedstocks and materials. And, while single-use plastics has been the chief focus, this movement has been growing way beyond. One example is advancing renewable feedstock in the polyolefins  pipe markets…

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Mondi Stand-Up Pouch Cuts Plastic 80% for Kao Salon Product

Mondi partnered with Japanese consumer goods manufacturer Kao to create a recyclable, lightweight packaging solution for its Goldwell hair lightening products. The new stand-up pouch reduces plastic usage without compromising on strength and durability. It supports Kao and its salon business in efforts to reduce the company’s environmental footprint and to help salons run their businesses more sustainably. Goldwell is a salon-quality brand of Kao Salon Division, the fourth biggest…

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Are You Ready for Carbon Footprinting?

Getty Images/kadirkaba I’ve written here lately about environmental issues for manufacturers, prompted by exploring some chapters of Dr. Robin Kent’s thought-provoking and utilitarian new book, Sustainability Management in Plastics Processing. One additional issue has been rattling around in my mind: How does a plastics manufacturer who wants to be environmentally responsible measure a plant’s or a firm’s progress toward that goal? One measure of manufacturing sustainability that is gaining currency…

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Numbers that Matter Live – July 2022

Join us on July 26th at 2 pm (edt) for the Numbers that Matter Livestream   NUMBERS THAT MATTER LIVE with Bill Wood, Plastics News Economics Editor  Inflation and supply chain issues are making it difficult for plastics industry managers to predict and plan for the future. Recession fears are complicating the picture. Bill Wood, an economist who has tracked plastics for 30+ years, will discuss the latest data and…

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Yes, You Can Teach an Old Machine New Data-Driven Tricks

Extracting meaningful process data from machines of all ages just got a lot easier thanks to a factory operations platform that harvests information through sensors that attach to a machine’s power cord. Current transformer (CT) sensors by Guidewheel simply “clip around the power cord of the machine like a Fitbit, without the need for any integration, and have a battery life that lasts many years,” said Guidewheel CEO and founder…

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Advanced Recycling Has Waste Plastic’s Number

Much as the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and cryptocurrency are morphing into something different by the day, the recycling industry is busy with its own version of Transformers as it comes to terms with the need to recycle all seven plastics types. Public perception has it that we’re drowning in plastic waste: We are told that the oceans will contain by weight more plastic than fish by…

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