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Hexpol TPE Expands to Meet Demand for Medical-Grade Thermoplastic Elastomers

Hexpol TPE is investing 57 million SEK ($5.6 million) at its facility in Åmål, Sweden, to support increasing demand for thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) and satisfy evolving market requirements, the company announced today. The investment will expand production capacity and ensure compliance with product safety standards across its materials portfolio. Hexpol TPE specializes in TPE compounds for sensitive and regulated applications, such as medical devices, toys, consumer products, automotive components, and food-contact…

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DuPont Debuts Centers of Excellence for Automotive Electrification

DuPont Mobility & Materials is opening three global Centers of Excellence (COE) to accelerate the development and testing of new applications for automotive electrification. Dedicated resources focused on vehicle electrification will allow fast application development to help validate new concepts in shorter timeframes. These COEs will enable DuPont experts to accelerate assessment of reliability, performance, cost optimization, time-to-market, and consumer adoption. “More than two-thirds of the global vehicle market is…

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SC Johnson, Liverpool Football Club to Create a Closed Loop Recycling Model

SC Johnson is showcasing a real-life example of a closed loop recycling model for sporting events. The company is teaming up with Liverpool Football Club to create a closed loop recycling model for the more than 500,000 plastic bottles used at Anfield each season. From the start of the partnership, fans at Anfield will be able to place plastic beverage bottles in specially designed receptacles. SC Johnson will collect the plastic…

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Technipaq Vows to Divert Medical Packaging Waste from Landfills in Partnership with DuPont Tyvek, Freepoint

Starting on World Cleanup Day, Sept. 18, medical packaging provider Technipaq Inc. said that it will be able to begin diverting manufacturing-generated plastic waste away from landfills to advanced recycling company Freepoint Eco-Systems, where it will be converted into new, virgin-quality resin and fuel. Technipaq manufactures flexible packaging and is a Tyvek Authorized Converter. Tyvek producer DuPont is also a partner in this project. Certified to ISO 13485, Technipaq specializes…

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2021 Hot Shots Finalists

Plastics Technology’s Molding 2021 conference (Sept. 21-23; Donald E. Stephens Convention Center; Rosemont, Ill.) will feature the inaugural Hot Shots injection molded part competition. Attendees to Molding and Amerimold will be judging the 10 finalists below and awarding two top prizes—one for Technical Sophistication and one for Achievement in Molding Efficiency and/or Economics.  Criteria for the first prize include use of new technology in molding, molding materials, or tooling; and overcoming…

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Never Mind Super Glue, Here Comes BondLynx

An adhesive that permanently adheres difficult-to-bond polymers to themselves and other materials has been introduced by XlynX Materials. The BondLynx adhesive creates covalent chemical bonds between polymer chains via bis-diazirine chemistry, permanently cross linking them together through strong carbon-carbon bonds.  Conventional adhesives typically take advantage of mechanical forces to hold materials together. The covalent bonds formed by BondLynx resemble the structure of carbon atoms in strong carbon-carbon bonds, said XlynX…

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