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LyondellBasell CEO Patel to Head W. R. Grace

LyondellBasell CEO Bhavesh V. (Bob) Patel has been named to head chemicals company W. R. Grace effective January 2022, it was announced today by Standard Industries Holding. The privately held conglomerate entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Grace in April 2021 in an all-cash transaction valued at approximately $7 billion. The deal is expected to close later this year. Patel will take the reins from Hudson La Force, who…

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Why Careful Hydraulic Oil Maintenance is Critical to Molding Machine Reliability

In addition to improper maintenance, contaminated hydraulic oil is one of the principal causes of faults in injection molding machines. In 70% to 90% of cases, damage to hydraulic components is directly attributable to contamination in the hydraulic system. The goal of oil management is to prevent contamination of this kind in order to enhance the availability, reliability and efficiency of injection machines. Oil management is not strictly the responsibility…

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Domestic Production of Custom Diagnostics Components Launched by Natech Plastics

Contract manufacturer Natech Plastics reported today that it has finalized the design, manufacture, and assembly of custom extraction tubes for diagnostics use, such as COVID-19 testing. The product was engineered and tested by Natech Plastics and its production will help solve supply chain issues for companies specializing in rapid diagnostics tests, said the company. “Our customers shared their struggle in acquiring reliable extraction tubes from the current available suppliers,” said…

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How Do I Hire Employees, Let Alone Retain Them?

When living in daily instability, there are not enough resources for today, let alone for tomorrow. In such an environment, relationships are a driving force, and employees make their decisions based on relationships and survival. When hiring in this highly competitive market, the following points are important to remember when hiring under-resourced employees. Concrete Vs. Abstract When an employee lives in the present and makes decisions for today, life is…

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Hurricane Ida Barrels toward Gulf Coast

There have been some glimmers of hope that resin supply would pick up and prices would begin to decline, as noted in our Weekly Resin Report, but there was always the caveat of another disruptive event coming along. Enter Hurricane Ida. At the time of writing, “hurricane-force winds are expected Sunday . . . along the Louisiana coast, including metropolitan New Orleans,” reported the National Hurricane Center (NHC) in Atlanta today,…

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Adding Plastic Waste to Asphalt Reaps Environmental Benefits

Engineers at the University of Missouri (MU) are collaborating with Midland, MI–based Dow Chemical and the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) to develop and test asphalt pavement mixtures that incorporate plastic waste. The research aims to reduce plastic waste in the environment by integrating it with asphalt to pave US roadways and bridges. Researchers at the Mizzou Asphalt Pavement and Innovation Lab (MAPIL) in the MU College of Engineering are…

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