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Bio-Based PEI Matches Performance, Processability of Incumbent Ultem Material

Sabic has launched a portfolio of bio-based Ultem resins that offer sustainability benefits while delivering performance and processability that is identical to the incumbent Ultem material. The new polyetherimide (PEI) reportedly is the first certified renewable, high-performance, amorphous polymer available in the industry. Using a mass balance approach, for every 100 kg of Ultem PEI resin produced, Sabic replaces 25.5 kg of fossil-based feedstocks with bio-based materials derived from waste…

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ICIS Launches Global Database of Chemical Recycling Projects

As brand owners set ambitious sustainability goals, especially involving packaging for food and beverage products, demand for recycled plastics has been growing. The supply of high-quality, food-grade recycled plastics, however, is limited. Chemical recycling, or advanced recycling as it is increasingly called to avoid alarming a segment of the population that views “chemicals” as something nefarious, may fill the gap left by mechanical recycling methods. To help fast-moving consumer goods companies,…

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Merger Aims to Accelerate Bio-printing of Human Organs

Additive manufacturing pioneer 3D Systems has announced the acquisition of Volumetric Biotechnologies, a Houston-based biotech company dedicated to pursuing the manufacture of human organs using bio-printing methods. Co-founders Jordan Miller and Bagrat Grigoryan and their team of bio-engineers and scientists have made tremendous progress in these efforts, focusing primarily on the human liver and the underlying technologies required to create complex biological structures, said the announcement. With this acquisition, 3D…

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Austrian Plastic Packaging Giant Invests in Kansas City Region

Austria’s plastic packaging powerhouse Alpla Group has picked the Kansas City region for its new 23,000-square-meter manufacturing plant. It represents a key element in its commitment to the expansion of its injection molding capabilities, the company said in today’s announcement. As one of the global leaders in packaging solutions, the site will enhance Alpla’s scope of innovation and help meet demand of recent business, the company said. The new addition at…

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Kids Schooled in Plastic Film Recycling for 15 Years

Teaching kids early on about the importance of recycling packaging is a great lesson that pays sustainable dividends going forward. One such program, Trex Plastic Film Recycling Challenge, is celebrating a 15-year anniversary. Sponsored by Trex, the world’s largest manufacturer of wood-alternative decking and railing, the program motivates K-12 students across the country to participate to earn prizes for their schools as they give new life to discarded plastic film.…

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