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3D Printing Materials Market Soars ~26% Yearly

The 3D printing materials market earned $2,578.8 million in revenue in 2022 and is projected to rise by 25.9%, to capture $16,230.8 million by 2030 according to a P&S Intelligence report. The research firm attributes grow to the snowballing use of 3D printing in manufacturing for mass customization and the rising demand for automobiles in developing countries. In 2022, the plastic category dominated the market by volume with a share…

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What 3D Printing Brings to Medical Micro Molding

Even though injection molding and 3D printing are sometimes depicted as rival technologies — us vs. them storylines make for good copy, as they say in the news biz— it’s obvious at this point that they are, in fact, complementary. Isometric Micro Molding recently built a development lab dedicated to 3D printing and quick prototyping. It now has seven 3D-printing machines in house, three of which are dedicated to micro prototypes…

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Plastics and the Joy of Chemistry

“Beyond the Elements,” a series on the PBS series “Nova” program (produced by WGBH Boston), celebrates the wonders of chemistry – including synthetic rubbers and plastics. (Photo credits: Messier Cutting Systems, rtemegorov/Pond5, DimaBalanFilms/Pond5, 2020 WGBH Educational Foundation) It’s not often that we see plastics presented in a positive light in the popular media, and even less often seeing a TV host giddy with pleasure in seeing a chemical reaction producing…

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Egg Brand Picks Bio-PET Cartons Over Fiber

Spring Creek Quail Farms chose Vancouver, BC-based good natured Products Inc. Bio-PET packaging to safely deliver its naturally raised quail eggs to grocery stores in the US and Canada, including Kroger, Costco, Loblaws and Sobeys. Located in Ontario, the family-owned farm is dedicated to raising and promoting the benefits of fresh quail eggs for their prized flavor, creamy texture, and nutrient-packed goodness. As a zero-waste farm, Spring Creek is dedicated…

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Polymer Points Live – February 2023

Join us on February 21 at 2pm (est) for the Polymer Points Livestream.     Resin markets have been impacted by a slowing economy, but some prices have been rising as inventory levels and operating rates fall. Frank Esposito will make sense of the changes, plus cover both market and nonmarket changes for polyethylene. Presented to Plastics News Subscribers only      

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Global Bio-based Polyolefin Market Projected to Grow by Factor of 20+ over Next 10 Years

The global market for bio-based polyolefins is forecast to multiply by a factor of more than 20 between 2022 and 2032, reaching a volume of more than 4.7 million tonnes, according to a report released by business intelligence firm MLT Analytics. This impressive growth is set to be fueled by a variety of end uses, including existing mainstream bio-polyethylene applications such as extrusion coating, shopping bags, and blow-molded containers, and…

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What Type of Recycling Technology Works the Best? It Depends

An article published January 12th in the ACS journal Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering quantifies and compares the merits of recycling technologies for major commercially produced polymers. The strategy, developed by a team at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, illuminates differences in the technical performance of produced material as well as environmental and economic impacts. The recycling of HDPE, LDPE, and PP by mechanical means and dissolution were compared with the…

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