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Flow Simulation Accurately Predicts Mold Parameters, Reduces Defects

A joint project to optimize injection molding using flow simulation data has produced actual process performance nearly identical to the modeled performance, according to Oerlikon HRSflow. The collaboration evaluated a three-cavity mold on an Engel machine with a servo-driven eight-cavity hot-runner system from Oerlikon and used Borealis Daplen EE001AI polypropylene. Weight difference for the mold components was 1:11 from smallest to largest. The simulation was conducted with Autodesk’s Moldflow software.…

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Digital Health Company Epicore Biosystems Won’t Sweat Supply-Chain Bottlenecks

Digital health company Epicore Biosystems, which has developed sweat-sensing wearables that monitor hydration in real time, has entered into a partnership with with 3M’s Health Care Business and medtech manufacturer Innovize Inc. By leveraging 3M’s skin-interfacing materials and Innovize’s manufacturing capabilities, Epicore said it will further scale its portfolio of advanced wearable hydration solutions. Epicore cited global supply-chain disruptions as a reason for pursuing the collaboration. “It is critical for companies…

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Eptam Grows Medtech Molding Footprint with Sterling Manufacturing Buy

Eptam Precision Solutions, a supplier of contract services to the medical device sector, has acquired Sterling Manufacturing and its wholly owned subsidiary, Albright Silicone. Headquartered in Lancaster, MA, Sterling is specialized in plastic and liquid silicone rubber injection molding for the medical device, life sciences, consumer electronics, and aerospace and defense markets. The transaction further bolsters Eptam’s presence in the life sciences, biopharma, and broader medical device market, and expands…

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Knock-Knock: The Sustainability Auditors Are Here

Photo: Getty Images There was a time, not so long ago, when you might have been excused for thinking that “sustainability” was mostly virtue signaling or aspirational fancy talk. But not today. It’s getting real, folks! I interviewed a molder this week for an upcoming article, and he voiced something that a number of you may be experiencing – and others will soon, no doubt. It used to be that…

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Mr. Bloomberg, There Are Better Ways to Spend $85 Million

Growth in plastics production in the coming years will drive increased use of fossil fuels into the mid-century and beyond, even as fuel consumption declines with the onset of EVs and more efficient internal combustion engines. “The petrochemical sector is one of the blind spots of the global energy debate, and there is no question that it will be the key driver of oil demand growth for many years to…

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