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Plastic Injection Molding Process

The Plastic Injection Molding Process

The plastic injection molding process has been around in various and increasingly sophisticated forms since the mid-19th century. The technique of heating the plastic and melting the molten substance into a desired shape is at the heart of the plastic injection molding process. Plastic molding today is considerably different from the rudimentary operations of yesteryear. There have been many advancements. Indeed, by WWII, injection molding became of major import in…

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Plastic Manufacturing Process

The Plastic Manufacturing Process In Brief

The plastic manufacturing process begins with organic products. These are natural products such as coal, natural gas, cellulose and, particularly, crude oil. Thousands of compounds make crude oil a complex mixture and it must be processed to become plastic. This distillation process commences in an oil refinery with the separation of the heavy crude oil into lighter aggregates called fractions. Each fraction is a mixture of hydrocarbon chains. These chains…

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Plastic Waste Recycling

Plastic Waste Recycling Continues To Grow

Plastic waste recycling is very much in the news, but its useful to recall that recycling in general is an age-old tradition. From hand me down clothes to preservative jars, it is a testament to both human practicality and ingenuity. Previous to the current attention to plastic waste recycling, the practice was very much part of our culture during World War II. At that time our government impressed upon the…

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Plastic Recycling Bins Exclusion List

Keep These Items Out Of Your Plastic Recycling Bins 

   Contrary to a popular misconception, plastic bags, soft plastic, film plastic, and foam should be considered as regular garbage and should be kept out of your plastic recycling bins. Additionally, here is a comprehensive list of items that should not be included in your plastic recycling bins nor most other traditional recycling categories: Garden hoses   Luggage (plastic or textile)  Sponges  Sports balls, such as basketballs, bowling balls, soccer balls,…

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Plastic Coding System

Plastic Coding System Guide For Resin Types

The Plastics Industry Association (previousl SPI) follows a plastic coding system that requires a number (1 – 7) on each plastic product that is manufactured. This is particularly helpful for those interested in recycling plastic as knowledge about the 7 types of plastics can help recyclers sort their materials more effectively. It can be helpful to always verify the plastic classification number of each product you use, especially if you plan…

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