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Axiom Engineered Systems to Establish First US Injection Molding Plant

Canada’s Axiom Engineered Systems LLC has announced expansion plans in the United States to supplement production in Ontario and Mexico and meet an influx of recent contracts from US customers. The first of four planned US facilities will be located in Capac, MI, said the company, a subsidiary of Axiom Group in Aurora, ON. The 123,000-square-foot plant will be Axiom’s first US facility providing plastic injection molding, warehousing, and distribution…

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Reshoring Reaches Record Highs

Coming off the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic when the risks of lengthy supply chains were exposed and the U.S. saw acute shortages for all kinds of critical goods, the year 2021 saw a renewed push to reshore many jobs and industries, with efforts lead by companies and the federal government alike. In a new report, the Reshoring Initiative (Sarasota, Fl.) said reshoring and foreign direct investment (FDI) job…

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The California Mission to Crush Single-Use Plastics

Leave it to Washington-DC-West — i.e., California — to come up with another grand idea for placing additional financial burden on plastics producers and consumers. This time the enabler is single-use plastics (SUP) and the method is — who would have guessed? — a new tax. This November, consumers will vote on whether or not they are willing to shoulder a less-than-a-penny tax per plastic item purchased, as outlined in the…

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What's the Latest in Additive Manufacturing?

The additive manufacturing industry is certainly adding up. According to the organizers of Rapid + TCT, the market has reached nearly $12.6 billion.  Wayne Davey, global head of 3D printing solutions go-to-market for HP, shared some achievements as he spoke during the Rapid + TCT keynote session, “The ‘Glocal’ Future of American Manufacturing.” “Here in Detroit, we can appreciate the full potential of additive manufacturing to disrupt industries as the automotive industry continues to push…

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‘The Great Discontent’: Can You Afford It?

Do you have discontented workers? After discovering that nearly half of America’s workforce is job searching or keeping an eye out for new opportunities, researchers from Gallup concluded that “the great resignation is really the great discontent.” Rather than being an issue with pay or industry, the researchers said: “The pandemic changed the way people work and how they view work. … Reversing the tide in an organization requires managers…

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Springfield Plastics Announces Major Expansion

Springfield Plastics Inc. announced that it will embark on a major growth project that will include a 63,000-square-foot expansion at its Auburn, IL, location and could lead to as many as 65 new full-time positions. Construction will begin in early 2023 with expected completion in 2024. Hiring for the 65 new positions will begin immediately. The initiative is in response to “tremendous growth” in the agricultural industry, specifically within the…

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