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Plastic Pipe Institute Names Projects of the Year

The announcement by the Plastic Pipe Institute (PPI) of the winners of the annual Projects and Members of the Year program couldn’t have come at a more propitious time. As the Biden administration and Senate Republicans haggle over the scope and price tag of the infrastructure plan, the PPI showcases some of the epic achievements realized in the United States as well as abroad. When President Biden first unveiled his…

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EconCore Expands its Honeycomb Cores to Higher-Performance Engineering Resins

We have steadily reported on EconCore of Belgium and its proprietary ThermHex thermoplastic honeycomb technology since 2018. At that time, the company had confirmed that packaging was still the cornerstone of its licensing business, with the largest share of licensing dedicated to applications in this sector. So, the range of polymers used primarily included PP, PE, PS, PET, nylon, PC, and ABS, with some projects using PPS and PEI. Even…

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Toolmaker VEM expands its operations in Europe

Clovis, Calif.-based VEM Group has moved into its own tooling and molding facility in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, after sharing a factory with German injection molder Mecalit GmbH Kunststoffverarbeitung as part of a joint venture. The name of the operation also was changed from VEM Bulgaria to VEM Europe. “Due to the share takeover and the expansion from both companies, VEM Europe moved to another building in January 2021, in the same…

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Science Should Be the Bottom Line for the Plastics Industry

Plastics are always, first and foremost, a scientific endeavor and should reflect the principles of science as the bottom line. If the principles of science are sound, provable, and repeatable — as all scientific developments should be — then profits, the other bottom line, will follow. That holds true for new advanced technologies that include various recycling methods beyond mechanical recycling, as well as the development of new types of…

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Cheer Pack NA Partnership Yields ‘No-Spill’ Spouted Pouch

The new CheerPlus No-Spill Spouted Pouch with SmartSeal technology is the result of a partnership between Cheer Pack North America (CPNA) and SmartSeal. The revolutionary flexible spill-proof package is optimized for food and beverage processing companies. Suggested applications include juices, fruit purees, smoothies, energy drinks, and specialty coffee beverages using either hot fill or aseptic processing. The lightweight No-Spill spouted pouch with patented SmartSeal valve technology never leaks — the…

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Key Industry Associations Announce Support of Virtual Engineering Days

The nation’s leading plastics industry associations and manufacturing and advocacy groups have announced their support of Virtual Engineering Days, the upcoming three-day digital conference and exhibition for plastics, packaging, and manufacturing professionals. They are the Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS), Society of Plastics Engineers, California Manufacturers & Technology Association, and Sterilization Packaging Manufacturers Council. Virtual Engineering Days, organized by Informa Markets – Engineering, which publishes PlasticsToday, is scheduled for June 15 to…

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Kickstart: You’ve got to be forking kidding me

You’ve got to be forking kidding me A senior prank at a high school in Texas that began with placing plastic forks in a football field went very wrong for 40 students — half the graduating class — who found themselves suspended with just days to go before graduation. The students at Comfort High School had intended to just leave behind the forks, but some of them took the prank…

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