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Roads Made Of Recycled Plastic

Roads Made Of Recycled Plastic Are The Future

The idea of roads made of recycled plastic is not new. In India, for instance, It has proven to be an expedient and environmentally-friendly method for disposing of scrap plastic bottles and bags while improving the infrastructure of many communities. India’s model is the standard for plastic road development. It involves mixing waste plastic and bitumen. Here, various plastic scrap from materials like Polypropylene, Polyethylene and PVC are sorted, cleaned…

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Recycled Plastic Fencing

Recycled Plastic Fencing With HDPE And PS

Recycled plastic fencing is a practical solution to some of the drawbacks of traditional wooden fencing. While wooden fencing can be extremely attractive when first installed, many of these qualities don’t last for long. Fading, cracking, warping and rot are often the results over time. Many wooden fencing installations need maintenance after only two years, and complete replacement after seven. The fencing is made from recycled plastic lumber or plastic…

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Recycled Plastic Roof Tiles

Recycled Plastic Roof Tiles Gain In Popularity

The impetus for recycled plastic roof tiles begins with a simple observation: Where many see an eyesore, others find a business opportunity. These folks see “mountains of cash in mountains of trash,” and many successful recycling operations begin with this observation. Plastic tiles, for instance, are made with 30% plastic waste and 70% sand. The discarded plastic comes in many forms and types and have various melting points. Separating all…

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Waste Management Procedures

Waste Management Procedures For Plastic, Paper and Cans

What happens to the waste that is not placed in a recycling bin? In most waste management procedures the mixed material is placed on a conveyor belt for pre-sorting. Firstly, materials that can’t be recycled are removed by hand. This can include metals, carpets, concrete blocks and even large plastic sheets. Anything that could create damage if they are allowed to remain in the mix. Cardboard is also removed, but there…

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Plastic Bag Manufacturing Process

Plastic Bag Manufacturing Process

In many instances, the plastic bag manufacturing process today often combines recyclable bags as part of their development. But whether recycled bags are used are not, there are some fundamental methods that still apply. The plastic bags we use everyday are usually made from granules of linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) resin that is combined with low-density polyethylene (LDPE) in a mixer. The result is a perfectly homogeneous composition of blended…

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