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Hanwha TotalEnergies Completes Construction of Polyolefin Elastomer Pilot Plant

Korea’s Hanwha TotalEnergies Petrochemical has completed construction of a polyolefin elastomer (POE) pilot plant, representing a significant step in the expansion of the value-added materials business. This is the company’s first joint project with Hanwha Solutions, a Hanwha affiliate, and TotalEnergies, its shareholder. Image courtesy of Hanwha TotalEnergies Petrochemical. Alongside major executives from TotalEnergies and other stakeholders, the CEOs of Hanwha TotalEnergies Petrochemical, Hanwha Impact, and Hanwha Solutions attended the…

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Talent Talk: Welcome to the Titanium Economy

After taking a “week off” to spotlight the jaw-dropping number of new US factories being built, this is a continuation of the tremendous story that US manufacturing is writing. Thus far we have discovered that we are in what is commonly referred to as Industry 4.0, and that factors like reshoring and government incentives are reviving domestic growth. In The Titanium Economy, authors Asutosh Padhi, Gaurav Batra, and Nick Santhanam…

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Improved Simulation of Damage Propagation Can Lead to Better, Cheaper CFRPs

Owing to their low weight, durability, and mechanical performance, carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) laminates are being incorporated into state-of-the-art aerospace, transportation, and construction applications. However, designing CFRP laminates can be very time consuming. Engineers must run multiple strength tests to benchmark CFRP specimens whenever they adjust a given design. This drives up the cost of the final product and hinders applications of CFRPs in a wider range of fields. Against this…

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Toray Expands Carbon Fiber Production in North America, Korea

Japan’s Toray Industries plans to increase regular tow carbon fiber production capacity at two facilities in North America and Asia. Capital investments will add lines to the Spartanburg plant in South Carolina (Toray Composite Materials America Inc.) and the Gumi plant in Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea (Toray Advanced Materials Korea Inc.). These investments will increase the Toray Group’s annual capacity by more than 20% to 35,000 tonnes beginning in 2025. These significant…

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