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New Thermoforming Machine Optimizes Mono-Material Processing in Modular Design

The versatile new R3 thermoforming packaging machine developed by Multivac is designed to process recyclable single-material films consistently and reliably with minimal maintenance. The machine also features a modular construction such that it can be easily adapted to suit a range of customer requirements. The objective in designing the R3 thermoformer, which will be available starting in July 2022, was to find “best-fit” machine configurations for small and medium-sized companies…

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AMBA Names TK Mold & Engineering’s Tom Barr Mold Builder of the Year

The American Mold Builders Association (AMBA) has named Tom Barr, President of TK Mold & Engineering Inc., the Mold Builder of the Year, and CompuMold Tool & Design Inc. the Tooling Trailblazer of the Year. The awards were presented during AMBA’s annual conference on May 11 to 13 in Itasca, IL. Sponsored by Progressive Components, the awards include a $5,000 endowment to each winner for continuing education in mold building…

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Arburg Donates 600,000 Euros to Aid Ukraine

Arburg managing partners (l-r) Renate Keinath, Michael Hehl and Huliane Hehl with symbolic checks to Doctors Without Borders and SOS Children’s Villages. I deal in words for a living, but it’s said that actions speak louder than words. So I can’t say much to add to these actions: In April, family-owned plastics machinery company Arburg in Germany launched a company-wide fundraising effort to support a local Ukraine aid fund. The…

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Microwave Heating Slashes Energy Use in Carbon-Fiber Production

Japanese firms Mitsui Chemicals and Microwave have developed what they call “an innovative, eco-friendly carbon-fiber (CF) manufacturing technology using microwaves.” The new process employs microwaves to heat the polyacrylonitrile (PAN) fiber precursors, both during the oxidation process — the most energy-intensive part of CF production — and during subsequent carbonization. As well as employing more compact equipment, the new technology cuts energy consumption by approximately 50% and offers a substantial…

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OPC UA Interface Integrates Mixing and Dosing Systems with Injection Molding Machine

In many injection molding applications, the user manually sets the mixing ratio of the base material, additives, and masterbatches typically on a separate control unit mounted on the press. This works just fine, until it doesn’t. The steps involved create multiple opportunities for error. Injection molding machine maker Engel and Werner Koch Maschinentechnik, a supplier of auxiliary equipment for plastics processing, have collaborated in the development of an OPC UA…

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Powder Coating With Recycled Plastic

Powder coating is the finishing process of choice for companies looking to reduce their environmental impact.Photo Credit: Getty Images Powder coating has long been the green process of choice for finishing operations. It produces less waste than alternative finishing processes such as liquid coating, and overspray is often able to be reclaimed and reused. Moreover, powder coating lines do not require the use of solvents, emit no volatile organic compounds…

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