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Robust Demand Forecast for Automotive Toolmakers

The next decade is being forecast as generally favorable for suppliers of automotive tooling, according to Harbour Results Inc. (HRI) of Southfield, MI. As manufacturing generally, and the automotive industry in particular, have weathered the COVID-19 pandemic better than initial expectations, “that’s helping the toolmakers quite a bit,” said Laurie Harbour, President and CEO of HRI. The company shared findings from its “2021 Automotive Tooling Outlook” report in an Oct.…

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Switzerland Retail Company Producing PET Bottles Made from Recycled Carbon

LanzaTech announced that Switzerland’s largest retail company, Migros, is producing the world’s first PET bottle made from captured carbon emissions that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere as CO2. The bottles contain up to 30% PET obtained from CO2 (with Mass Balance), replacing virgin PET. LanzaTech has created a platform that converts waste carbon into new everyday products. In 2020, Migros, and its subsidiary, Mibelle Group, launched a range of liquid cleaning products…

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Molder Novares Fed Up with Automotive OEMs Canceling Orders

The global chip shortage and sundry supply chain snafus have hit the auto industry hard, but carmakers are not the only ones hurting. Suppliers to automotive OEMs are also paying a price, and French company Novares is fed up with it. Reuters reported that Novares CEO Pierre Boulet is claiming “tens of millions of euros in damages from its customers.” Novares molds plastic components that, the company claims, can be…

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Electric Cold Runner Moves the Needle on LSR Molding

Austria’s Elmet has introduced an all-electric SMARTshot E valve-gate cold runner system with servo-driven nozzle needles. The architecture reportedly maximizes flexibility and precision when injecting two-component liquid silicone rubbers (LSRs) into multi-cavity molds. Compact, brushless DC servomotors move and position the needles of the SMARTshot E as the nozzle opens and closes. An 18.5-in. color display allows rapid and consistent needle positioning to an accuracy of 0.002 mm. Thanks to opening and closing…

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Succession Planning Breeds Success

In roughly 600 days, Mark Brown will exit Burger & Brown Engineering, leaving the company after nearly 30 years but returning to a familiar title to its president, Corey Brown. “I become dad, and walk out the door on June 6, 2023,” Mark says. The fact that Mark’s exit has a precise date, which has been advertised to Burger & Brown’s (Grandview, Mo.) staff, vendors and customers, is not an…

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