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What’s That Popping Noise? It’s Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

Most packaging should be seen and not heard with rare exceptions that include on any occasion small, film-enclosed adjacent voids aka bubble wrap. That’s because the iconic packaging is made to protect and pop, though not necessarily in that order according to some devotees.

Which brings us to today, January 31, celebrated as Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. We’ve collected an eclectic mix of posts on Twitter where bubble wrap is top of mind — and well appreciated. After all, no one ever said packaging couldn’t be fun, and often it is.

Is an appreciation day even necessary? Not according to this avid fan.

There’s a comedian in every group.

A word from the official Twitter feed of the authentic BubbleWrap Brand.

Bubble popping can be joyous…

…or contemplative.

It’s been called the original fidget spinner — let’s go to the video…

Can you imagine?

On a serious note: a breakthrough with a more sustainable version.

Bubble wrap can inspire the artist.

It is protective packaging, but…

A couple of dogs help wrap up things up.

Finally, as an epilogue here’s a link to last year’s celebration: Pop Culture at Its Finest: Today Is #BubbleWrapDay.

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