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Borealis Partners with Renasci N.V. to Jointly Develop Recycling Technology

Borealis has entered into a multi-dimensional partnership with Renasci N.V., a provider of recycling technology and creator of the  Smart Chain Processing (SCP) concept. 

The SCP concept developed by Renasci is a proprietary method of maximizing material recovery in order to achieve zero waste. According to the companies, it is unique because it enables the processing of multiple waste streams using different recycling technologies – all under one roof. At the newly-built Renasci SCP facility in Oostende, Belgium, mixed waste – plastics, metals, and biomass – is automatically selected and sorted multiple times. 

After sorting, plastic waste is first mechanically recycled, and then in a second step any remaining material is chemically recycled into circular pyrolysis oil and lighter product fractions, which are used to fuel the process.

Other types of sorted waste such as metals and organic refuse are additionally processed using other technologies. In the end, only 5% of the original waste remains, and even this residual material is not landfilled, but used as filler in construction materials. Because of this extremely efficient way of processing, the overall CO2 footprint of these waste streams is greatly reduced .

The SCP concept is aligned to Borealis’ ambition to close the loop on plastic waste as encapsulated in its circular cascade model.

Having acquired a 10% minority stake in the company, Borealis will collaborate closely with Renasci to evolve and scale up the unique SCP technology. This includes the development of future facilities which would source their feedstock entirely from household waste. The two companies also plan to identify and act on other promising investment opportunities in the circular economy sphere. In addition to the recently announced agreement to source the projected 20 kt circular pyrolysis oil annually, Borealis is also planning to purchase mechanically recycled material from Renasci’s Oostende facility. 

“In the true spirit of EverMinds, we are accelerating action to plastics circularity through collaboration,” said Lucrèce Foufopoulos, Borealis executive vice president polyolefins, innovation & technology and circular economy solutions. “I’m delighted that in Renasci, we have found a creative partner who shares our ambition and approach of advancing the circular economy with the cascade model at its core. Life demands progress, and with this partnership, we continue re-inventing for more sustainable living.’

Renasci facility

Renasci SCP facility in Oostende, Belgium.


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