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Breaking News in Flexible Packaging November 2022

If you’re interested in an informative and fast read on the subject of flexible packaging, this is for you — an all-in-one location for a steady stream of curated news and developments in this dynamic market. Here are relevant posts from November 2022 for pouches, bags, films, and other types of related packaging sourced from supplier breakthroughs, brand launches, and other advances of interest. CLICK HERE to see the current flexible packaging news.

Redesigned Plum Organics pouches clarify ingredients for parents while engaging them with a new QR code.

Mars is switching from plastic to recyclable paper-based wrappers in April for Mars, Snickers, and Milky Way brand chocolate bars.

Biodegradable films made from rice straw lignin.

Black-owned Blk & Bold coffee brand collaborated with Marvel Studios’ Black Panther: Wakanda Forever to create a coffee collection featuring the film characters.

PCR guidance from ProAmpac for flexibles is a timely topic.

Recyclable 4-side-sealed sachet is a sustainability awards winner in Europe.

Flexible packaging will receive curbside recycling treatment.

Flexible packaging market growing 4.8% yearly.

Sealed Air becomes first producer of certified vegan-compliant flexible packaging.

Shake ‘N Bake eliminates “skaker” polybag top save 900,000 pounds of plastic

Sealed-Air, ExxonMobil, Ahold Delhaize USA announce an advanced recycling initiative for flexible packaging.

Sabic launches partnership with Jinming and Bolsas to foster innovative flexible film packaging solutions.

Pouches Market forecast to grow by $12.92 billion at a 5.37% CAGR.

Waste management partners with Dow to address US plastic film recycling.

Dissolvable cranberry film sounds like a healthy and tasty alternative.

5 major suppliers and brands, 5 flexible packaging patents.

Eliminate flexible packaging? That’s nuts!

Hot chocolate brand Cocoa Canopy adopts NatureFlex renewable compostable packaging.

Gamechangers: Spouted stand-up pouch, the barrel pouch, and the new Fres-Flow.

Sustainable Packaging Coalition sees value in PHA bioplastic for flexible packaging.

ePac Flexibles’ network is now global.

Ellen MacArthur Foundation wants to eliminate  flexible packaging.

Flexible Plastic Packaging is growing 6.7% yearly.

Flexible packaging weighs on brands’ sustainable plans.

Heat-resistant coating enables single-stream recyclability of mono-PE stand-up pouches.

Like inks, adhesives are also a crucial aspect of brands’ recyclable flex-pack plans.

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