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Circularix opens its first PET recycling plant

Circularix, a new producer for food-grade post-consumer PET, has opened its first recycling plant in Hatfield, Pa.

The 100,000-square-foot plant has capacity to produce 55 million pounds of pellets annually, the company announced Feb. 8.

“We are operational at our Hatfield facility and on schedule to complete our U.S. expansion,” said Chairman and CEO Leon Farahnik. “Our commitment is first and last to helping companies meet their sustainability goals as together we contribute concretely and responsibly to a sustainable future.”

In June 2022, the company first announced plans to open five plants with a total annual capacity of 275 million pounds. The next plant to open will be in Florida, in the second quarter of 2023. The other plants will be in Texas, Arizona and the Pacific Northwest.

Farhanik is the former CEO of PET recycler Carbonlite Holdings LLC.

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