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DSM Engineering Materials, Compounding Solutions Partner to Accelerate Catheter Development

DSM Engineering Materials has entered into a strategic partnership with Compounding Solutions, a supplier of custom thermoplastic medical-grade compounds and concentrates. The partnership will provide medical device customers with streamlined access to DSM’s Care portfolio, including Arnitel Care, an alternative to existing catheter materials. Additionally, medical device companies will be able to speed time to market through Compounding Solutions’ efficient catheter material customization, quick development turnaround time, and reliability of supply, said DSM Engineering Materials.

Through the partnership, DSM Engineering Materials will be able to meet demand from major medical device OEMs for custom colors, radiopaque additives, lubricants, and other materials. It will enable further innovation of the company’s Care line of medical-grade materials and reduce time to market for customers, added Andre Oosterlaken, global market development manager for medical devices at DSM Engineering Materials.

“Compounding Solutions is the natural partner for us because of its extensive experience and expertise in compounding a range of medical-grade materials, especially materials which are extruded for various vascular catheter applications,” said Oosterlaken.

DSM Engineering Materials’ Arnitel Care portfolio offers a full line of innovative medical materials for vascular catheters. The materials have been designed, engineered, and tested to the highest quality and certification standards, said the company.

Manufacturing benefits include:

  • Improved extrusion predictability and efficiency compared with conventional materials.
  • Easy welding or gluing to other materials and to itself, increasing overall strength and reducing potential failure.
  • Predictable, consistent shrinkage during reflow processes.
  • Reduced dimensional change with annealing.
  • Gel-free extrusion, reducing scrap, improving product quality, and eliminating the risk of bond point failures.

Predictable extrusion and secondary assembly reduce the potential for clinical failure, said DSM Engineering Materials. A best-in-class energy loss factor results in better snap-back, memory, and kink resistance compared with alternative materials, added the company.

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