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Hydraulic Cylinder for Hot-Runner Molding Keeps Its Cool

Oerlikon HRSflow has introduced an improvement to its HRScool hydraulic cylinder system for hot-runner injection molding, first introduced in 2019, which uses advanced temperature management technology to eliminate the need for active liquid cooling of the actuation unit. The new HRScool Evo features reduced heat flow between the hot runner and mold plate, allowing it to be used at higher mold temperatures.

By optimizing heat balance in the cylinder, the HRScool Evo can now be used in temperature-critical applications. Despite this modification, both the basic and damped versions of the HRScool Evo fit into the mold cut outs of the company’s fully compatible P, M, G, and A series hot-runner systems.

Typical applications include interior and exterior automotive parts.

The geometry of the contact elements between the manifold and cylinder enables heat transfer from the manifold heaters to the actuator oil. Heat dissipation to the cold clamping platen takes place via a large, flat cover made from a thermally conductive material that serves as a thermal bridge, explained Oerlikon HRSflow. Integrated height adaptability ensures maximum efficiency even without accurate heat tolerances.

The elimination of liquid cooling reduces the number of components and, thus, results in cost savings and fewer maintenance requirements. It also gets rid of the need for cooling circuit connectors.

Installation and removal is facilitated by a lock that allows the needles to remain in the nozzle during these operations.

Sophisticated insulation technology, which ensures uniform temperature distribution along the entire hot-runner system, supports the production of high-quality components, said Oerlikon HRSflow.

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