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iD Additives to feature purging products at IMD Expo

ID Additives Inc. is showcasing its purging products line at IMD Expo, Sept. 20-21 in Novi, Mich.

At the event, technical manager Dave Denzel will be addressing best practices for molders to improve their purging process. In addition to purging products, LaGrange, Ill.-based iD will show its foaming agent molding solutions, mold cleaning systems and coolant products.

In a news release, officials said iD’s purging products are ideal for cleaning out molding machines for faster color changes, resin changes, and shutdowns and startups. The materials are suitable for virtually any type of injection molding application, they added.

The materials also minimize machine downtime, increase efficiencies and reduce scrap, officials said. Many grades are suitable for use with hot-runner systems, they added. ID’s purge compounds are FDA-compliant, nonabrasive, nonhazardous and environmentally safe. Their product mix includes:

• Liquid and pellet purge compounds.

• Mechanical purge for tougher machine cleanouts for engineered and glass-filled materials.

• Super concentrates for use with any resin.

• QuickShots, a unique single-dose purging compound for simplifying the purge process. It can be dropped into a machine hopper, followed by resin.

In early 2021, iD Additives unveiled three new products. Eco-Pro 360 is a rust removal solution that can be used with the new Eco-Pro 360 cart with pump and filter for cleaning out cooling passages in injection molds, blown film dies and other products. The third new product is Cool EX organic cleaning and maintenance solution for water lines.

ID’s foaming agents and UV stabilizers are toll produced in the Chicago area. The firm operates its own purge compound production site in Flint, Texas. In addition to its LaGrange office, iD operates a warehouse in Aurora, Ill.

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