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Injection Molding Machine Line Integrates MuCell Foam Technology

South Korea’s LS Mtron has introduced a new line of injection molding machines that come equipped with Trexel MuCell technology for foam molding applications.

The ONE MuCell line consists of 10 injection molding machines ranging in size from 550 to 3,600 tons. Key features include a core back function, which stabilizes and maximizes foaming rates, and a servo valve for precise position control.

LS Mtron provides a one-stop solution for foam molding in various applications, ranging from molds and auxiliary equipment to complete turnkey machines.

LS Mtron signed an agreement to license Trexel’s MuCell technology in 2019. It satisfies customers’ lightweighting and quality requirements while improving their productivity and reducing cost, said LS Mtron. 

“Through this agreement with Trexel, we will cooperate not only for current micro cell technology but also for future nano cell technology development to continuously strengthen lightweight technology,” said LS Mtron Chief Technology Officer Kyung-Nyung Woo.

South Korea’s largest injection molding machine manufacturer, LS Mtron is a division of LS Corp., a $30 billion conglomerate. It currently produces approximately 2,800 machines per year.

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