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January’s Most-Viewed Stories

Recycling (plant tour, resin prices, technology types) figured prominently in January’s most-viewed articles along with single-screw extruder vent design, hybrid vs. all electric presses, TCU troubleshooting, perfection in pelletizing, a new drying technology and more.

January 2023’s Top 10 Most-Viewed Articles

  1. A Recycling Plant, Renewed
  2. Prices of Volume Resins Drop–Except for PE
  3. Recycled Material Prices Show Stability Heading into 2023
  4. The Right Way to Design Vents in Single-Screw Extruders
  5. Word Games: What’s a ‘Hybrid’?
  6. Troubleshooting Leaky Temperature-Control Units
  7. The Path to Pellet Perfection
  8. What Type of Recycling Technology Works the Best? It Depends
  9. This Flexible-Film Giant Has Sustainability in its DNA
  10. New Technology Enables ‘Smart Drying’ Based on Resin Moisture
January 2023 Most-Viewed articles Plastics Technology

January 2023’s Most-Viewed articles on Plastics Technology.


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