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J&J Inks Bioprinting Deal with Korea’s T&R Biofab

Korean biomedical company T&R Biofab has signed a joint development deal with Johnson & Johnson Innovation involving T&R’s 3D bioprinting scaffold technology, reported the Korea Biomedical Review earlier this week. According to the media outlet, the agreement will further the development of implantable devices based on various biomaterials and polymers using T&R’s 3D bioprinting technology.

T&R’s proprietary system can print biomaterials, including its hydrogel tissue–derived bio ink, synthetic and biodegradable polymers, and ceramics. The company says that it has the core technology to develop artificial skin and organs such as the heart and liver.

The company’s primary business involves 3D-printed bioresorbable scaffolds for tissue and organ regeneration. The scaffolds and related products are made of polycaprolactone (PCL). This polymer ultimately hydrolyzes into carbon dioxide and water through the citric acid cycle, the company explains on its website. The addition of β-tricalcium phosphate affects the bioresorption rate of the device. 3D-printed medical devices incorporating these materials featured on the company’s website include craniomaxillofacial meshes and plugs; a dental mesh that promotes periodontal tissue regeneration; and several patient-specific implants.

In 2020, T&R Biofab entered into a joint research and development agreement with J&J Ethicon for soft tissue scaffolds. As that deal wrapped up, it has now inked an agreement with J&J’s venture capital arm. Johnson & Johnson Innovation invests across the medical device, pharma, and consumer healthcare sectors, supporting businesses at all stages of development.

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