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LS Mtron Expands Line of Vertical Injection Molding Machines

LS Mtron Injection Molding Machines USA has added several new models to its line of LSG-V vertical injection molding machines ranging in size from 35 to 660 tons.

The LSG-V — known outside North America as the WIZ-VR II — previously was available in three models from 100 to 350 tons and only as a vertical rotary machine. The newly expanded line includes 13 models in varying tonnages with options for vertical or horizontal injection, and rotary table, shuttle, or single-station designs.

The LSG-V hybrid system is intuitive and easy to operate and is equipped with features for enhanced operator safety, said LS Mtron. 

Product take-out and insertion processes can be performed simultaneously during injection, reducing cycle time and improving productivity. Servo motors and drivers ensure precision molding and minimize product defects during production. A range of injection specifications, such as speed and pressure, are available to meet customer requirements.

Other features of the LSG-V series include:

  • An energy-saving servo pump and closed-loop system that uses a high-powered AC servo motor to achieve 0.1% reproducibility through feedback control;
  • hydraulic oil tanks and lines designed for reduced operating flow — approximately 45% — and cooling water consumption — approximately 30% — resulting in lower operating and maintenance costs, and improved sustainability.

The LSG-V has a four-post tie-bar structure to ensure durability and stability. Additionally, users gain capacity with support for up to four injection fixtures, and the slide-type guide bar design minimizes transfer resistance. 

At NPE2024 in May, LS Mtron will exhibit a 170-ton LSG-V machine molding an electric vehicle component for sister company LS Automotive.

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