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M. Holland Unveils Mfinity Line of Sustainable Resins

M. Holland Co., an international distributor of thermoplastic resins and ancillary materials, has introduced Mfinity, a proprietary brand of compounds containing up to 100% recycled content in commodity and engineering materials. The new brand is a practical solution to help clients, brand owners, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) meet their sustainability goals.

In addition to recycled materials, Mfinity includes proprietary additives, bio-compounds, and custom formulations designed for “green” applications in markets such as automotive, consumer goods, electrical and electronics, and packaging. Many Mfinity resins are third-party certified based on the percentage of recycled content, and select grades have FDA’s Letter of No Objection (LNO) or other agency certifications.

“Big brands and OEMs alike have been pledging to integrate greater proportions of sustainable or recycled materials into their products by 2025, or even earlier,” said Peter Prusak, director of business development at M. Holland. “Aside from the obvious environmental benefits, we’re seeing growing market pull for practical sustainability solutions.”

The company’s sustainability group is staffed with dedicated experts who follow research, trends, and innovations in environmentally friendly materials. They guide the company’s customers, suppliers, and business partners to help identify where and how they can advance their sustainability initiatives. 

“As a trusted resin distributor, M. Holland provides high-quality, post-consumer, post-industrial, and other types of recycled resins to support several industries,” said Prusak. “Mfinity expands our offering, giving manufacturers more material options as they strive to innovate their products for a better world.”

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